Building Best Home Gym Under 500

In today’s world, where fast food and junk food has taken over diet meals and vegetables, health and fitness have become a priority for many. Therefore, building a gym at your home can be great in many ways.

Today, we have taken a challenge to create the best home gym under 500 dollars for you. In this segment, we will create a full body workout gym where you can exercise like a pro and save your Gym Membership fee and the hassle to travel too long for the nearest gym.

With an innovative approach, we can think beyond traditional equipment, moving past the regular dumbbell routines. Together, we’ll discover the intricate details and secrets that transform a limited $500 budget into a comprehensive, at-home fitness sanctuary.

Best Home Gym Under 500

Let’s start building your home gym under 500.

Total Budget: $500

1. Lusper Adjustable Weight Dumbbell Set

This 3-in-1 set is precisely what your home gym needs. That being said, it transforms from dumbbells to barbells and then to kettlebells in no time. It means the Lusper Dumbbell set is an all-rounder. You can perform a variety of exercises with this set including squats, incline and decline chest exercise, butterfly, bicep and tricep curls, and many more.

You can adjust each dumbbell set between 6.5lbs to 32lbs. We know It’s less, since it’s a home gym we didn’t include a 2380lbs dumbbell set to perform like Ronnie Coleman and chant “light weight-light weight”. Moving on, you can adjust it from 8lbs to 44lbs in barbell mode allowing you to focus more on your full body endurance. The dumbbell set can also be transformed to kettlebell mode  high-intensity interval training and explosive movements.

The best part? It comes with a complete assortment of weight plates, handles, connectors, and even a handy workout and assembly guide for beginners. And, the 12-sided hex plates aren’t just for show. They keep the weights from rolling away, especially during quick transition exercises.

The Lusper Dumbbell set also includes an ergonomically designed barbell connector that curves snuggle making lunges and deadlifts more comfortable. It reduces neck strain as well.

Budget Left: $400

2. Lusper Adjustable Weight Bench Foldable

Back to back Lusper products? Well, they have got the highest rankings for Home Gym equipments on Amazon. Talking about their Adjustable weight bench, its alloy steel construction assures its robustness. It supports up to 660 lbs which makes it versatile for both beginners and seasoned lifters.

More so, the bench is designed in a triangular shape for added stability when you perform decline bench press. You can adjust this bench for all exercises including intense shoulder workout, declined chest press or your normal curls.

All in all, you will also find an extended headrest which offers support and safeguards the cervical spine—a detail often overlooked in other benches. For extra support, you will find high-density foam pads wrapped in premium, water-resistant PU leather.

AND, its 3-second fold mechanism is a game-changer. Living in a compact space, you can effortlessly fold and store the bench without compromising on room aesthetics.

Further Reading: Don’t forget to explore our guide on the best adjustable weight benches. These versatile benches are a cornerstone of any effective home workout setup, providing you with the flexibility to target various muscle groups and enhance your fitness routine. Explore our recommendations to find the perfect addition to your home gym today!

Budget Left: $310

3. Yes4All Multifunctional Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

When it comes to pull up bar at home, we have watched enough videos of people falling with their ceiling alongside the bar. That’s why we tried to include the best pull up bar for home gym. This black powder coated one-piece solid steel bar is super durable and it can handle up to 300lbs.

Its solid steel construction assures longevity, and the multi-grip positions, padded with soft foam, offer both comfort and flexibility. It offers wide, neutral, or narrow grip for full body exercise. And, its foam padding ensures a sweat-free, slip-resistant grip, making even the most intense workouts feel comfortable.

What truly sets the Yes4All bar apart is its versatility. That said, it can handle your basic pull-ups, chin-ups and even more complex exercises using the LAT pulley system. Also, it features Ab Straps which adds more stability to chin ups.

Budget Left: $278

4. Yes4All Wrist and Forearm Blaster

The Yes4All Wrist and Forearm Blaster comes with heavy gauge steel construction that speaks for its durability and strength to enhance muscle power. It promises longevity and maintains peak performance, even after months of rigorous usage.

The premium PVC handle offers the right blend of comfort and grip. Its tear-resistant nature ensures a firm hold which lowers hand fatigue during super sets. Moreover, its adjustable nylon strap gives you an extra layer of stability and safety to your wrists.

Lastly, its compatibility with standard 1-inch weight plates makes it the best wrist blaster for home gym.

Budget Left: $263

5. Mikolo Fitness LAT and Lift Pulley System

The Mikolo system stands out with its two distinct exercise modes – Pull down and Lift up. The intuitive hoist buckle and alloy cable connection mechanism ensure a smooth transition between these modes. What’s even better? The detachable handles! The included Straight Bar and Tricep Rope attachments makes your tricep exercises even better.

Its heavy-duty alloy buckle and breaking-proof ball design of the cable ensures utmost safety. The loading pin fits both standard and Olympic weight plates. With a max 280 lb weight load, you can increase your triceps like Mr.Olympia.

Down the road its 70 inches & 90 inches dual ropes fulfills your workout needs without compromising on strength and durability. The silent pulley, crafted from special steel, ensures smooth movement without waking up the entire household!

The assembly is a breeze! Hooking it up to your power cage is straightforward, and its compact design makes it travel-friendly.

Budget Left: $219

6. BalanceFrom Cast Iron Plate Weight

Right off the bat, BalanceFrom 35lbs impresses with its solid cast iron construction. The plate’s 2-inch center hole fits perfectly with Olympic bars, showcasing its versatility by being compatible with 2” dumbbell bars as well.

Sporting a sleek black baked enamel finish, these plates are not only visually appealing but also rust and corrosion-resistant. The added benefit? No unpleasant odor or rusting, a common issue with some iron plates.

Also, their three significant openings with grip strips are a thoughtful touch that ensures you get max grip while doing plate presses or chin ups with weight.

You would need to buy a pair of twos sold separately to perform workouts like Deadlifts and shoulder pulls.

Budget Left: $141

7. Signature Fitness 2″ Olympic Barbell Weightlifting Barbell

The Signature Fitness 2” alloy steel barbell promises strength and robustness. The fact that it’s chrome plated only amplifies its resistance to wear and tear. A defining feature is its 5FT length, coupling with the 35lbs weight plates above makes it ideal for various exercises without taking up excessive space.

The bar comes with multiple knurling positions. Knurling, the patterned etching on barbells, is paramount for grip, especially during intense lifting sessions. With a rated capacity of 700 pounds, even heavy lifters can confidently push their limits.

With a 1.97″ bar end diameter, it ensures a snug fit with all standard plates with 2″ holes. This makes it versatile and suitable for all Olympic grade 2” weight plates.

Budget Left: $111

8. Signature Fitness Battle Rope

Signature Fitness Battle Rope combines strength, endurance, and cardio training. Its made with a 3-strand thick training rope, and polyester which increases its endurance while you smack it against the ground for heavy training. Also, its high tensile strength ensures that the rope won’t break, fray, or come loose even with intense usage. This translates to longevity and safety during your workouts.

The Battle Rope offers six different styles tailored for various training needs. Whether you prefer a 30ft length with a 1.5-inch diameter or a 50ft length with a 2-inch diameter, there’s a style that’s just right for you.

Surprisingly, you can easily roll up the rope for storage when it’s not in active use. Plus, its flexible design means you can easily carry it, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor workouts.

Budget Left: $81

9. F2C Medicine Balls Workout Med Ball

F2C 10-pound Medicine Ball is a comprehensive fitness accessory suitable for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. It contains a dual rubber construction, ensuring both the shell and bladder are robust. Made from eco-friendly materials, this medicine ball promises not just durability but also a commitment to the environment.

Worried about slip? Well, F2C has included a textured layer resembling as a basketball that enhances your grip while doing your cardio or weighted sit-ups.

The 10-pound weight offers ample resistance, and while the ball itself is inelastic, it can rebound when thrown with force. With its compact design, this medicine ball is ideal for home workouts, gym sessions, or even outdoor activities.

Budget Left: $62

10. Yes4All 3 in 1 Non-Slip Wooden Plyo Box

The Yes4All Wooden Plyo Box is a testament to adaptability, durability, and safety in a plyometric training tool. The brand has crafted this best plyo box for home gym with high-quality and gym grade plywood and it features puzzle joints which carries your weight while you play your favorite exercise while standing on it.

This box supports up to 450lbs that makes it perfect for rigorous jump workouts. It comes in a unique 3-in-1 design. Boasting three different height settings (16x14x12” – LxWxH), it ensures that your workouts can be as challenging as you want them to be.

With the user’s safety in mind, the Plyo Box features a textured exterior sheathing, ensuring optimal grip during workouts. Furthermore, the box’s sanded corners and edges mean there are no sharp corners, adding an extra layer of safety during intense sessions.

Budget Left: $6

11. BEAST RAGE Lifting Straps for Weightlifting

The BEAST RAGE Lifting Straps aren’t just about enhancing your lifts; they are about redefining your lifting experience. These straps are made with sweat and heavy lifting in mind, that’s why their primary material is cotton which promises longevity. With added neoprene padding, they ensure maximum grip strength, making them perfect companions for your intense workout sessions.

The BEAST RAGE straps come with gel wrist support, ensuring they sit comfortably on your wrist without any harsh tugging or pulling. Additionally, the padded grip guarantees comfort during heavy lifting.

When performing exercises like deadlifts or pull-downs, grip control is crucial. These straps have been meticulously designed to provide an impeccable grip, ensuring you can squeeze the bar effectively, boosting your overall performance.

The straps provide remarkable stability, minimizing the risk of any accidents during rigorous lifting. The design ensures that the bar doesn’t roll off your hands, which could lead to injuries.

With a 24″ cotton strap combined with 4MM neoprene padding, your grip strength is bound to increase. What’s more, its tear-resistant nature ensures durability, and the double cross-stitching adds a touch of finesse.

There you have it. All the necessary equipments and machines to create the best Home Gym Under 500. With these, you can perform your regular exercises at home without spending a fortune in gym membership.

Benefits OF creating a Home Gym Under 500 Dollars:

Creating a home gym on a budget, such as under $500, can offer several advantages. Here are some of the primary benefits of creating a home gym within this budget:

Cost Savings in the Long Run:

While $500 might seem like an initial investment, it can save you a lot over time. Consider the monthly or annual membership fees at commercial gyms, as well as any associated costs like transportation or parking. Your home gym will pay for itself within a matter of months.

Time Efficiency:

Having a home gym eliminates commuting time to and from a commercial gym. This way, you can save a lot of time which you can use for other tasks or perform longer workouts at home.


A home gym provides the flexibility to work out whenever you want, be it early morning, late at night, or in the middle of the day. There’s no need to worry about gym hours or holiday closures.

Personalized Setup:

With $500, you can buy equipment tailored to your fitness goals and preferences. You can buy whatever you need from the above list or you can create a personalized list rather than being limited to the machines and weights available at a commercial gym.

Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Public gyms can be breeding grounds for germs, especially during peak times when many people are using the same equipment. With a home gym, you have control over the cleanliness of the space and equipment.

No Waiting:

At popular gyms like the Gold Gym, there’s often a wait for specific machines or weights, especially during peak times. With a home gym, you have immediate access to your equipment, allowing for a seamless workout experience.


Some people {introverts} feel self-conscious or intimidated working out in front of others. With your home gym, you will have the privacy to work out at your own pace without the fear of judgment.

Reduced Distractions:

Without the hustle and bustle of a regular gym – the socializing, the loud music, or the occasional person hogging equipment – you can focus entirely on your workout.

Family Fitness:

Having a home gym can also encourage other family members to embark on a fitness journey. It can be a shared space for health and wellness.

Room for Upgrades:

Starting with a $500 budget gives you a foundational setup. As you progress in your fitness journey and save more money (by not paying gym fees), you can reinvest and upgrade your home gym equipment.

How To Create A Home Gym Under 500 Dollars?

Creating a home gym involves several steps, from setting your fitness goals to selecting the appropriate equipment. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you set up your ideal home gym:

Determine Your Fitness Goals:

Before buying equipment, determine what you want to achieve with your home gym. Are you aiming for weight loss, muscle building, flexibility, cardiovascular health, or a combination?

Choose a Suitable Space:

  • Location: Opt for a spare bedroom, basement, garage, or even a part of your living room. The space should be well-ventilated plus a ceiling fan and have adequate lighting.
  • Flooring: Depending on the type of exercises you plan to do, consider investing in protective flooring, such as rubber mats or interlocking foam tiles, to protect both the floor and your equipment.

Pick Essential Equipment:

Based on your goals and budget, select the equipment you need. Some basic, versatile tools include:

  • Resistance Bands: They’re affordable and offer various resistance levels.
  • Dumbbells: Adjustable dumbbells save space and provide flexibility in weight.
  • Yoga Mat: Ideal for floor exercises, stretching, and yoga.
  • Jump Rope: A simple tool for cardiovascular workouts.
  • Stability Ball: Enhances core workouts and can double as a bench.
  • Pull-Up Bar: Choose one that fits in a doorway for pull-ups and chin-ups.
  • Kettlebells: Provide a combination of strength and cardio workouts.

Remember, you don’t have to buy everything at once. Start with essential items and gradually expand as needed.

Incorporate Technology:

  • Streaming Services: Use fitness apps or platforms that offer workout classes you can follow along with.
  • Music: A good gym playlist (not Taylor Swift) can motivate and energize your workout sessions.
  • Tracking: Consider wearable fitness trackers to monitor your progress.

Organize and Store:

  • Storage Solutions: Use shelves, racks, or hooks to organize and store your equipment, ensuring that your workout space remains uncluttered.
  • Safety: Make sure heavier items are stored securely, and keep them out of reach from children if applicable.

Decorate and Personalize:

Make the space inviting and motivating. Hang up mirrors to check your form, motivational posters, or even a whiteboard to track your workouts.

Add Extras Over Time:

As you continue your fitness journey, you might want to invest in more specialized equipment or accessories. Depending on your evolving goals, this could include items like a weight bench, treadmill, rowing machine, or even a power rack.

Stay Committed:

Having a home gym offers convenience, but it also requires self-discipline. Set a regular workout schedule, track your progress, and stay consistent.

Final Thoughts:

Creating a home gym is the first step towards prioritizing personal health and fitness. By carefully assessing your fitness goals, and selecting the right equipment within a $500, you can create your best home gym under 500 tailored to your needs.

Over time, as fitness goals evolve, you can add more specialized equipment. Above all, the true success of a home gym lies not just in its setup but in the consistent commitment to using it. Don’t be like people who pay their membership for three days and lose motivation. Be someone with 3AM motivation throughout your fitness journey.